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Dredging of the port access point: The sand bank has raised to the point were vessels accessing the port run a high risk of grounding. The height also means that larger ships cannot access the port. The removal of the sand bank and dredging of the port is therefore necessary for its continued ability to service larger vessels;

Rehabilitation of infrastructure surrounding port: The warehousing, parking yards and sewage system have fallen into disrepair and are no longer suitable for their purpose. Trucks are currently loaded on the quay, a suboptimal solution that slows movement through the port, damages goods exposed to the elements and exposes them to sewerage water. This infrastructure will be repaired or replaced where necessary to improve the overall efficiency and health situation at the port;

Rehabilitation of the port fence: Major gaps in the fence surrounding the periphery of the port has resulted in uncontrolled access to the port form all sides lead to high levels of theft on the premises.  The periphery fence will be rebuilt and repaired to reduce loss of goods through theft;