Mozambique to Improve Trading Environment and Promotion of Safe Trade with MOU between Mozambique Revenue Authority and TradeMark Africa.

Maputo, 3rd May: The Mozambique Revenue Authority (MRA) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with TradeMark Africa (TMA) paving the way for TMA expansion into Mozambique. The agreement was signed by the AT Director General of Planning, Studies and International Cooperation, Dr. Augusto Paulo Tacarindua, and TMA Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Frank Matsaert.

TMA aims to collaborate with AT: in the establishment of commercial systems and procedures to support the effective and efficient clearance and transit of goods; in the implementation of measures to ensure safe trade at the borders with neighbouring countries through provision of PPEs; in the dissemination of Southern African Development Community (SADC) COVID-19 operational guidelines; strengthening the joint border committee framework; and raising awareness among border agencies and cross border women traders.

Furthermore, TMA will replicate its success in contributing to the ease of trading across borders and through its Safe Trade Emergency Facility (Safe Trade) program, support the Government of Mozambique to undertake critical measures along the transport and trade routes that will ensure trade continues safely while protecting livelihoods.

TMA CEO Frank Matsaert noted, “We are excited with this new phase of growth that adds an important country and economy into our operations. Our programme will contribute to improved trading environment for Mozambique with its trading partners on key corridors, which as a result, will propel Mozambique into a leading economy and grow prosperity for its citizens.”

TMA’s Mozambique programme will be designed to deliver maximum value for money and effectiveness. It will draw on TMA comparative advantage in terms of: (i) effective historic contributions to East African trade; (ii) delivering transformative impact on trade costs; (iii) establishing a strong reputation and robust, long-term institutional partnerships; and (iv) dovetailing our programming with those of other development partners who have strengths in trade.

AT Director General of Planning, Studies and International Cooperation, Dr. Augusto Paulo Tacarindua said “We are happy with this partnership and we look forward to effectively continuing to build an increasingly resilient economy, especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. This partnership will contribute to a conducive environment for trade at the national level. Trade facilitation will benefit the national economy as well as the MRA, particularly customs clearance, a key process of economic dynamics”.

TMA development partners supporting these projects are UK, Netherlands, Canada and Ireland.

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