Eligibility Criteria

Applicants can include financial institutions, investors, businesses, business service organizations, industry/sector organizations, trade, or other private sector associations. Applicants may also submit as a consortium that includes multiple institutions under one concept, but please clearly indicate the lead partner ultimately responsible for implementation. Should there be questions about whether your entity is eligible, please submit your inquiry to erragrants@trademarkafrica.com

1.0 Applicants must demonstrate that it falls into one of the grantee categories below:

In addition, an applicant must be organized under the laws of the country where it has its principal place of business or operations and submit the following mandatory documents (see section 2.0 below for ineligible applicants).

  • Minimum of 5 years experience in the priority sectors as per the Call for Application in Kenya
  • Certificate of Registration or equivalent
  • Valid Tax Compliance Certificate or equivalent
  • Copy of VAT / TIN / PIN / Social Security Certificate or equivalent
  • · Signed Code of Conduct

Prior experience with USAID or other US Government entities is optional. TMA encourages concepts from potential new partners.

2.0 Ineligible Applicants:

  • Any organization not legally organized under the laws of the country in which it has its principal place of business or operations in;
  • Any entity listed in the U.S. government Excluded Parties List;
  • Any entity unable to obtain a Unique Entity ID (SAM);
  • Any entity excluded in the US Government System for Award Management;
  • Any Government Entity/parastatal;
  • Any Public International Organization (PIO);
  • Any entity affiliated with TMA or ERRA directors, officers, or employees;
  • Any projects involving involuntary resettlement, child labor, or significant environmental impacts;
  • Any military organization;
  • Any political party organization;
  • Any entity focused solely on religious activities;
  • Any labor unions; and,
  • Any individuals.
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