Charting new frontiers in African trade

In the past year, TradeMark Africa made significant strides in enhancing trade in our 14 countries of operation. Our journey, marked by the opening of our new office in Accra, Ghana, symbolises
more than geographic expansion; it represents our evolution into a pan-African entity, dedicated to fostering trade and development through improvement of physical and digital infrastructure, notably on the Abidjan-Lagos Corridor.

While we celebrate our achievements, we acknowledge the challenges faced globally in the past year – with geopolitical tensions evolving, and economic upheavals that have disrupted global supply chains. Yet, these adversities have not deterred us; rather, they have reinforced the centrality of trade in our collective recovery and progress. It is time for countries, regional economic communities, and development partners to build a unified front for fruitful trade engagements.

Our alignment with the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) principles, building on the strength of the Regional Economic Communities across the continent, underscores our commitment to transforming Africa’s trade landscape. Our initiatives, deeply rooted in the principles of creating one African market and boosting Africa’s income from trade, aim to bridge infrastructure gaps and catalyse growth. We believe in the power of trade to unite nations, leveraging their unique strengths for shared prosperity.

Our ambitious Strategy 3 Plan (2023-2030) outlines our roadmap to elevate intra-African trade and Africa’s global trade presence and builds on past experiences. We witnessed transformative impacts from our first two strategies (2010-2023): the dramatic reduction in border crossing times, by over 70% in many locations, the streamlined transportation of goods on the Northern corridor cutting days by over a third, and the implementation of game-changing digital solutions whose trickle-down effects are that businesses can operate more predictably, efficiently, and profitably, thus creating more jobs.

Looking ahead, we understand the multifaceted challenges that lie before us. Global uncertainties, economic pressures, and regional conflicts remain formidable. However, the opportunities to drive greater efficiencies in trade are exciting.

Our future is not only driven by building on the successful approaches we have demonstrated, but also by driving new developments. Not least of these is the launch of Trade Catalyst Africa (TCA), TMA’s commercial arm that will leverage private funds for infrastructure development. We will also be focusing on positioning Africa as a pioneer in green trade, in a world that will be increasingly defined by climate-related trade restrictions.

As we close our second phase and venture into this new phase for 2023-2030, we extend our gratitude to our international, national and private sector partners whose unwavering support has been instrumental in our journey. Together, we stand at the threshold of a transformative era for Africa, driven by trade, innovation, and a shared vision of prosperity.

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