Country Context &

The port borders of Ntoroko and Kasenyi are situated on the shore of lake Albert between DRC and Uganda. Ntoroko is nothing more than a pier and a sloping area giving access towards the lake where trucks are unloading their dry and wet cargo for transhipment on Congolese wooden boats, that take about 3 hours to cross Lake Albert and do the reverse operation in Kasenyi the port on the Congo side from where a road of about 48 kilometres recently upgraded by Monusco leads to Bunia.

Ntoroko port only deals with transit goods from Busia, Malaba, Kasese and Kampala towards Bunia, they exit about 140 to 214 trucks a months, mostly dry cargo and about 2 to 3 oil tankers which are being “dipped” meaning manually emptied into 340 barrels of 210 Liters each  which are then rolled onto the wooden boats.  Imports are few, besides empty Ugandan beer bottles returned to the brewery in Mbarara, some timber, mahogany wood and motor cycles are coming by boat to Uganda. Currently, large lorries, some with trailers, drive down to the water’s edge where they are off- loaded by hand, carried by operatives along the jetty and loaded into small cargo boats (generally about 8 to 10 metres long).