Navigating a Sea Change: Kenya’s Horticultural Exports Forge Ahead

In an ambitious stride towards revolutionising the logistics landscape of Kenya’s horticultural exports, TradeMark Africa, in collaboration with the Kenya Flower Council, recently hosted the second Logistics Working Group meeting on September 14, 2023, in Nairobi. This marked a pivotal moment in the pursuit of transitioning from air to sea freight, a core objective within the European Union-Business Environment and Export Enhancement Programme (EU-BEEEP) program.

Building upon the strong foundations laid during their inaugural meeting in Mombasa, the Logistics Working Group started crafting a comprehensive master plan that would guide the shift. With a total of 31 participants representing public and private sectors, as well as the Netherlands and the European Union, the stage was set for a constructive discourse.

Discussions revolved around private sector leadership, setting ambitious yet flexible goals, and the paramount importance of technical expertise. Participants unanimously agreed on the need for a robust skill development and knowledge-sharing ecosystem to facilitate a smooth transition. This exchange of global insights and actionable steps was deemed crucial for success.

Navigating a Sea Change: Kenya's Horticultural Exports Forge Ahead

TradeMark Africa reaffirmed its commitment to working closely with Flying Swans, a key partner, in developing the Masterplan and pledged to seek additional expertise as needed. The meeting concluded with the establishment of a comprehensive timeline for the master plan’s development, as follows:

  • Data Collection and Analysis: September 2023
  • Analysis and Prerequisites: October 2023
  • Commencement of Quick-Win Projects: November 2023
  • Crafting the Master Plan: January – February 2024
  • Approval of the Master Plan and Commencement of Implementation: March 2024

The second Logistics Working Group meeting, dedicated to the transition from air to sea freight, represents a significant stride towards achieving a more sustainable and cost-effective logistics strategy for Kenya’s horticultural exports. The commitment, collaboration, and clear roadmap laid out during this meeting serve as a promising beacon for this transformative endeavour. The unity of purpose among the public and private sectors, development partners, and industry experts signals a bright horizon as they collectively pursue this ambitious goal.

As Kenya sets sail on this new logistical voyage, it is evident that a sea change is underway, and the nation’s horticultural exports are charting a course towards a brighter, more green and efficient future.