PUBLISHED ON July 24th, 2014


The United Republic of Tanzania and the Republic of Burundi have moved steps closer towards operationalizing One Stop Border Post (OSBP) concept at Kabanga/Kobero border on a pilot basis.

The move follows completion of the construction of temporary structures and installation of ICT systems at the border between the two Partner States with the support from TradeMark Africa ( TMA ).

The operationalization of the OSBP has also been made possible through bold decision of the governments of the Partner States to sign an OSBP Bilateral Agreement in 2011.The Bilateral Agreement enables the Partner States to implement the OSBP concept while waiting for OSBP law, which is in the offing.

According to the tentative timetable released during a recent bi-lateral meeting between Tanzania and Burundi at the town of Gitega in Burundi, the OSBP operations on pilot basis could start as early as 7 June, 2014.

The launching of the OSBP operations at the border will be a huge relief to travelers and traders from the two Partner States as they will now only stop once for customs formalities instead of twice, thereby cutting cost and time spent at the border. Clearance will also improve following more automation of the operations.

Under the OSBP concept, people entering Burundi will by-pass the Kabanga border post (Tanzania customs and immigration offices) and proceed to Kobero in Burundi where Tanzanian customs and immigration officials will work side by side. Likewise those entering Tanzania will by-pass Kobero and stop only at Kabanga where officials of both countries will be working side by side.

According to the customs official, Adelius Francis (Tanzania) and Bigirimana Felix (Burundi), on average the border serves between 50 and 70 trucks per day, with more traffic moving from Tanzania into Burundi.

“Sometimes we attend to more than 100 trucks it depends on the day,” said Bigirimana who works at the Kobero border post. Fully fledged OSPB operations at Kabanga/Kobero will begin when the construction of permanent structures is completed.

TradeMark Africa (TMA)’s Manager for OSBPs Mr Israel Sekirasa told participants at the bilateral meeting who visited the border on 14 May, 2014 that the construction of the OSBP at Kabanga is expected to be completed by December 2014.

He said that the construction of permanent facilities at Kobero on the Burundi side has not started but the country could continue to use the modest building currently used for pilot project.

Source: East African Community

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