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Support to Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF)


Tanzania Private Sector Foundation

Target Group

Businesses and Business member organisation

Project Value

US$ 671,000

Implementation Period

2012 - 2017

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Why this project?

In Tanzania, attempts by the PSOs to play a more active role in influencing state policy reforms is hampered by restricted participation and lack of appropriate information. Conversely, key potential PSO partners face daunting internal governance challenges. PSOs don’t engage effectively in the integration process and have limited formal institutional engagement with public sector agencies. Most significantly, Tanzanians have inadequate understanding of the integration process and its associated benefits. Successful attempts to influence the government must be anchored on comprehensive evidence and well-argued policy position papers. PSOs have expressed a strong need for support research and capacity development on trade-related issues.


This project through TPSF is designed to overcome existing challenges of lack of knowledge and understanding about the EAC processes; lack of productive capacities; the existing NTBs imposed by national authorities as well as those imposed by the regional partners; high costs of doing business in Tanzania; lack of business acumen among Tanzanians; low quality of products/services, lack of confidence; and poor government/policies to assist local and eventually cross border businesses.


TMA Tanzania country programme will provide support through a mix of grants for demand-driven research and advocacy proposals, technical assistance and financial assistance for institutional capacity development.


Elibariki Shammy,

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Desired Results

Enhanced awareness, knowledge and participation of Tanzania Private Sector in regional integration policies and practices for growth in trade in the EAC region

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Projects Highlights From A Glance

info access for


crops & over five breeds of livestock

Projects Highlights From A Glance

info access for


crops & over five breeds of livestock

Projects Highlights From A Glance

info access for


crops & over five breeds of livestock

Key Outputs include;

A strategic engagement plan on EAC regional integration developed & implemented by TPSF

TPSF communication strategy updated

Programmes to address the existing trade barriers between Tanzania and the existing EAC members implemented

Evidence-based information (research papers) on EAC RI developed
TPSF advocacy campaigns strengthened

TPSF advocacy action plan designed and implemented