Shaping Tanzania Vision 2050: Private Sector and TMA Drive Digital Evolution and Economic Sustainability

Last week, the Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF), supported by TMA, held a significant forum to discuss the development of Tanzania Vision 2050. The event was attended by more than 100 stakeholders from the private sector, providing valuable insights to the committee responsible for gathering stakeholder input.

Shaping Tanzania Vision 2050: Private Sector and TMA Drive Digital Evolution and Economic Sustainability   

The discussions highlighted the necessity for Tanzania Vision 2050 to prioritise the development of a strong digital economy to support business growth and ensure inclusive development. TMA’s Country Director, Elibariki Shammy reflected on TMA and its donors’ contributions to the current Vision 2025, noting improvements in the trade environment thanks to better border facilities, such as One Stop Border Posts (OSBPs), and efforts in supporting the private sector and government policy reforms. These actions have led to reduced time and costs of doing business, aided by digital platforms like Agricultural Trade Management Information Systems (ATMIS,) the Tanzania Mercantile Exchange (TMX) a commodity trading system, and the electronic Certificate of Origin.

Looking towards Vision 2050, the Country Director emphasised the need to adapt to global trends, including sustainable growth and the adoption of new technologies and skills relevant to key sectors, to stimulate economic growth. He also pointed out the necessity of an improved trade and investment environment as essential for achieving the envisioned growth in the next 25 years.

As a result of supporting this forum, private sector stakeholders had the opportunity to contribute their insights to Tanzania Vision 2050. With the incorporation of these ideas into the vision, it is anticipated that the sector will experience sustainable growth over the next 25 years.