PUBLISHED ON March 2nd, 2015

Burundi Ministry of East Africa Affairs receives USD 1.2 million for Phase 2 of English training program

Bujumbura, 24th February 2015: Burundi Ministry of East Africa Affairs received USD 1.2million to help support teaching English to government officials, private sector, media and civil society. English language is identified as key enabler to increase Burundi competitiveness through enhanced communication as it conducts trade with its East African neighbours, majority of which use English as business language. “The training will be completed in June 2016.”

The project “Enhancing English Language Skills and Training &Setting up of English language center”is funded by TradeMark Africa (TMA) and implemented by Learning and Testing Services Africa (LTS Africa).

With 3 training centres in Bujumbura, Gitega and Ngozi provinces respectively, the phase 2 of the program will reach an additional 2500 adults and 40 teachers to be certified in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL). Phase 1 implemented from 2012 to 2014, reached 1700+ trainees and 40 teachers who received certification in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL).

The objective of the project will be to strengthen English language communication skills of the various stakeholders in regional integration.

Speaking on behalf of the Ministry at the Presidency in charge of EAC matters (MPACEA)in Burundi, the Assistant to the Minister, Mrs Clarette Inamahorosaid, “We should not and will not minimize the impact of those barriers to integration that are linked to communication. As a dutiful member of the East African Community, Burundi is tackling the array of non-tariff barriers that are impeding the implementation of the common market and the monetary union. We have realized that, on our side, the insufficient mastery of the English language has been hindering both our participation in regional integration fora as well as seizing business opportunities”.

TMA Country Director in Burundi, Mrs. Anthe Vrijlandt, said “The English Enhancement Project aims to better equip some of our key stakeholders, such as government workers, private sector, civil society and media, to fully use English during business negotiations and to communicate more widely within the East Africa Community and beyond. We have designed this project in partnership with MPACEA and launched the first phase in 2012, which has successfully trained more than 1,700 participants. We are now launching Phase 1B, again with MPACEA”.

English is the business language of EAC and more critically of Burundi,the main trade partners Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. By improving the competency of government officials and civil service in the language, Burundi will competently participate in Regional Integration affairs; while the private sector will ably seize regional integration benefits by the end of the course.

Source: TradeMark Africa


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