PUBLISHED ON March 6th, 2015


Kenya, Zambia, Uganda and Rwanda ministries are set to address power sector and shape regional infrastructure planning at the summit in Nairobi.

Ministers and senior representatives from the four East African countries have recently pledged their support in solving the region’s crippling power deficit.

Key speakers from the World Bank, African Development Bank (AfDB), IFC, Barclays, Symbion Power, KenGen, KPLC, UMEME and EEP will address game-changing actions for the power sector.

Some of the topics set to be addressed include the critical role transmission must play in East Africa’s industrialisation, the role of power utilities, how best to overcome financing obstacles and how the cost of regional borrowing can be lessened by unlocking the transmission deadlock.

EnergyNet’s Ppogramme manager Veronica Bolton-Smith said, “When one considers that Powering East Africa is a targeted meeting for a small number of participants, the presence of four of the most powerful people in the region’s energy sector highlights the need for such focused talks.”

The private power sector decision makers are also expected to participate at the Powering East Africa meeting that is meant to highlight the urgency of the region’s transmission crisis.

Source: CNBC Africa

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