PUBLISHED ON January 7th, 2015

IDC anticipates 2015 will see closer Intra-Africa trade

The International Data Corporation (IDC) anticipates that 2015 will see closer intra-Africa trade facilitated by ICT initiatives such as payment systems, financial inclusion initiatives, and cross-border payments. Technology will help breach intra-Africa trade barriers by removing obstacles, increasing efficiency and encouraging transparency.

Also, IDC experts have said that ICT investments addressing African market realities will fuel GDP growth in key African countries, as we step into 2015 and countries largely dependent on oil and gas continue to count their losses.

They said that ICT growth will be a key driver of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth in key countries such as Kenya, Nigeria, and Rwanda, with mobile services penetration, financial inclusiveness initiatives and government service delivery driving ICT spend in the telecommunications, financial services, and government verticals.

Regional Director, Sub-Saharan Africa, IDC Middle East, Africa and Turkey; Mark Walker, Research Manager, Software and IT Services (Africa); Lise Hagen, and Senior Research Manager for Telecoms and Media (Africa), George Kalebaila, all representing IDC; predict that governments with relevant and effective national ICT policies will begin to dominate the economic landscape.

According to them: “Increased government policies and relevant processes that favour ICT activities in the society will have a significant impact in countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, and Egypt where policies increase ICT awareness and access, device penetration, improved service platforms and boost infrastructure developments.

“2015 heralds the battle for the SME market in more developed African markets: While a variety of ICT providers have made concerted efforts to tap into the SME market in recent years, 2015 heralds the open battle for the SME market, where telcos will be strongly positioned to leverage their existing relationships with this segment”.

Source: All Africa

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