PUBLISHED ON August 20th, 2014

Kenya gets low EA score on logistics

Kenya has been ranked fourth in logistics performance in the region, making it the second last poorest performing country in the bloc, according to a study.

The 2014 Logistics Performance Survey (LPS), an annual report published by the Shippers Council of Eastern Africa (SCEA), says Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania take the first three positions with aggregated scores of 3.52, 3.07 and 2.89, respectively.

Kenya is ranked fourth in logistics performance, with an aggregated score of 2.82, while Burundi is at position five, with an aggregated score of 2.78.”

The report, which is to be officially launched on Thursday this week, highlights some indicators in which Kenya ranks poorly.

They include: “Timely delivery of shipments, competence and quality of logistics services, percentage of shipment that is physically inspected and fairness and transparency in customs valuations.”

The country also fairs poorly in the manner in with trade disputes are handled and on incidences of corruption and rent seeking.

“But it performed very well in areas such as efficiency of goods clearance process and level of preparedness of shippers to undertake international trade.”

Source URL: Daily Nation

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