PUBLISHED ON February 15th, 2024

Kenya Ports Authority’s Innovative Kargo Pay Earns Ovation from Ugandan Traders

KAMPALA –In a game-changing move, the Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) has garnered praise from a cross-section of Kampala traders, for introducing Kargo Pay, a cutting-edge electronic payment system. This alternative cargo payment mode is set to revolutionize efficiency and expedite the settlement of port charges.

One of the traders lauded the new system as a game-changer in the clearing process, predicting significant time savings and improved turnaround for traders. Clearing goods at the port, a historic challenge for traders is set to become a streamlined and secure process, sparing them from the hassles of physically transporting large sums of money to Kenya.

Another trader also emphasized the newfound convenience of Kargo Pay, allowing traders to clear goods remotely, even during night hours, from the comfort of their homes—an unprecedented advantage in their trade endeavors. The system launched as a response to evolving industry needs in 2023, has been warmly received for its ability to facilitate transactions in the local Ugandan currency, a feature that aligns seamlessly with traders’ preferences.

Christened “Kargo Pay”, this system not only champions currency flexibility but also introduces alternative payment methods such as bank cards and mobile transfers. By eliminating the need for physical visits to banks, Kargo Pay enhances convenience, providing a transformative solution for the clearing of goods.

Kargo Pay has potential to alleviate clearing of cargo headaches. While recognizing the app’s benefits, traders suggested improvements to it, showcasing the traders’ openness and enthusiasm to embrace digital solutions that enhance operations. KPA, during a user familiarization event at the Kampala Serena Hotel, highlighted Kargo Pay’s ability to facilitate instant settlement of port charges, ensuring punctuality and accuracy in collections.

This groundbreaking app, has already proven its efficacy in Kenya, leading to its expansion to partner states like Uganda and Rwanda. The enthusiastic reception from Ugandan traders signifies the dawn of a new era in cargo payment systems, where innovation meets the needs of the ever-evolving trade landscape

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