PUBLISHED ON November 27th, 2014

Kenyan road projects delays Holili One Stop Border post

UPGRADING of the Voi-Taveta road in Kenya is the latest hitch delaying the use of the Holili One Stop Border Post in Moshi, Kilimanjaro Region constructed to ease transit goods clearance at the border with Kenya.

Tanzania and Kenya have already signed a bilateral agreement to pave way for the use of the $5.7 million state-of-the-art structure set up by Trademark East Africa at Holili on the Tanzania’s side of the border with Kenya, in Moshi, Kilimanjaro Region.

Another US$ 6.7 million infrastructure at the Taveta border post on the Kenyan side was on the final touches by mid this year.

The TradeMark Africa Director for One Stop Border Posts, Mr Sjoerd Visser told the ‘Business Standard’ recently that the bilateral agreement was signed in July, this year but the use of the post has been delayed due to on-going construction of Voi-Taveta road to an all-weather tarmac road.

The Kenyan government had signed a US$ 113 million loan facility with African Development Bank this year for the construction of the 110 kilometres road which links Kenya and Tanzania through Taveta and Holili border.

Trademark East Africa is providing funding and technical support to facilitate implementation of the integrated border management systems at Holili and Taveta border posts.

The idea is to improve efficiency by reducing the total average time it takes to clear cargo at the two border posts by 30 per cent which will contribute to reducing transport costs and increase intra-regional and foreign trade in East Africa.

Under the project activities of both country’s border organisations and agencies are combined at either a single common location or at a single location in either direction without increasing risk to public safety or revenue collection.

The two OSBPs are expected to offer an alternative transportation route to northern Tanzania from Kenya and reduce the time that it takes to transport goods to and from Mombasa port.

This will contribute to reducing trade costs in East Africa. According to TMA officials operations One Stop Border Post project could have begun the facility on the Tanzanian side had the two countries signed a bilateral agreement to allow for its use.

The Holili post is fitted with all the necessary facilities to be used by all border management authorities. Tanzania and Kenya opted for a bilateral agreement to allow operations of the one stop border post as other options would have required more time.

The two countries were required to have a legal framework that would guide operations of the project, but it was seen it would take long time to implement.

Last year the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) passed a legislation on one border post, but the law needed to be assented by the presidents of five member states which will take a long time.

The East African Community (EAC) is developing one stop posts at 15 border crossings in the five partner states to facilitate trade and integration in the region.

Source: All Africa

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