PUBLISHED ON January 9th, 2015

KNCCI eyes bigger role with portal

The Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry has said automation of its services will see it begin offering other preferential certificates to Kenyan exporters under Comesa, EAC and AGOA linkages.

The agency yesterday signed a financing agreement with TradeMark Africa to the tune of $85,000 (Sh7.74 million) for the first year to implement the project.

Exporters will apply and receive the Certificate of Origin electronically. The document is required for exports destined for the Middle East, India, Russia and, Eastern and Central Europe.

Online application is expected to save on costs.

Charles Mbogori, KNCCI chief executive, said improving services will see it rope in micro, small and mediumsized enterprises that are currently thriving informally across the East African region.

Source: The Star

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