PUBLISHED ON December 2nd, 2014

Plans for Mombasa economic zone now at Nema stage

MOMBASA has embarked on building its special economic zone, which is part of Vision 2030 aimed at creating more jobs within the region.

In a gazette notice on Friday, National Environmental Authority said it has received a draft environment assement report of the project which will have tourism parks, enterprise areas and natural gas power plant among other things.

“The SEZ assessment findings are also expected to integrate the existing sectoral lans and programs to establish sustianlble economic zone development mechanism,” said Nema in the notice.

Other amenities to be built under the special economic zone are: free port, trade zones, industrial parks, meetings and conferences area, service area, power transmission line.residential units, Mombasa Southern By-pass road and a utility area.

“The master plan for Mombasa SEZ targets about 3000 acres property owned by the Kenya Ports Authority and situated in Dongo Kundu area of Mombasa county,” said Nema.

There are three regions earmarked under the Vision 2030 plan for development of SEZs. Aside from Lamu the other two are Lamu and Kisumu.

According to the Vision 2030 secretariat, Mombasa SEZ (Indian Ocean,East Africa Community hinterland) will facilitate importation of necessary raw materials and exporting of finished goods.

The project will include an agro-industrial zone incorporating activities such as blending and packaging of fertilizers, teas and coffees and a consolidated meat and fish processing facility to encourage growth of offshore fishing.

Nema has asked the public to forward any issues regarding creation of the Mombasa SEZ to its office within 30 days from the Friday.

The second SEZ (Lake Victoria at Great Lakes region hinterland), Vision 2030 secretariat said, will be located in Kisumu to allow for access to regional markets and availability of limestone to support cement, chemicals and metals industries; agro-processing through increased horticultural production along the lakeshore.

Source: The Star

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