PUBLISHED ON July 25th, 2014


Port-based users of the Kenya TradeNet System are happy with stakeholders’ involvement in implementation of the project. Regional heads of State launched the project expected to reduce cargo dwell time at the ports and improve the ease of doing business in Nairobi on May 2. Representatives of key stakeholder organisations in Mombasa said the sustained engagement of system users by the implementing agency, KenTrade, was key to overcoming challenges experienced in previous port-based projects . Shipping agents Juma Tellah, chief executive of Kenya Shipping Agents Association, said implementation of the system was so far the most consultative port-based project. “As shipping agents, we have been involved in every phase of the Kenya TradeNet System implementation from the development of the System Specification Requirement and piloting to Service Level Agreement of Kenya TradeNet System,” he said.

 Mr Tellah was speaking in Mombasa during a stakeholder’s consultative forum that brought together representatives of key port-based organisations and institutions using the Kenya TradeNet System. Kenya TradeNet is owned and managed by Kenya Trade Network Agency (KenTrade), a State corporation mandated to implement, operationalise and manage the facility.

Source: Standard Digital

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