PUBLISHED ON February 23rd, 2015

S. Sudan, Somalia request to join EAC on talks agenda

South Sudan and Somalia’s applications to join the East African Community (EAC) is one of the main agendas the regional heads of States will be discussing today in Nairobi.

The 16th Ordinary Summit of the East African Community Heads of State will be held Friday at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre, Nairobi.

“Negotiations for the admission of the Republic of South Sudan into the EAC, verification of the application of the Federal Republic of Somalia will be priority matters on agenda,” EAC secretary general Dr Richard Sezibera said.

Last year, the government of South Sudan pleaded with the EAC member states not to reject them because of the violence that had engulfed the country.

The Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan, Mr James Wani Igga, while meeting the EAC high level technical mission, said: “South Sudan, being a young nation, still needs support and integration from the “older” nations within the region”.

In June 2011, South Sudan applied to join the bloc, and a verification Committee from the EAC visited the country a year later to establish its level of conformity to the EAC regulations.

However, in April last year, South Sudan halted negotiations because of the war that broke out towards the close of 2013.

Source: The East African

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