PUBLISHED ON July 25th, 2014


Trade Mark East Africa ( TMA ) has joined PSI Consult limited to design and implement appropriate organizational management and internal control systems for the private sector.

Civil society organizations are also included in this project that will expose them to trade and export capability standards. This is all part of making the regional trade process more efficient and speedy.

“The companies will have to undergo a fiduciary risk /due diligence assessment to establish their technical and operational capacity while implementing their project, where risks and weaknesses have been identified , TradeMark Africa (TMA) will support initiatives to put place to strengthen its financial management systems,” Allen Asiimwe, the Country Director TradeMark Africa (TMA) said last week.

Topics to be covered include finance, procurement and human resource manuals that will enable the PSO’s and CSO’s enable them control fraud prevention, corruption and handle issues of risk management in their companies.

Asiimwe said the objectives of the training was to provide a platform for sharing knowledge, experience and enhance trade capacity of the private sector which will in turn lead to improved physical access to national and international markets.

She said “this training will at the end of the day improve physical access to market and also enhance capacity of the private sector thus support trade in and outside Uganda. It will also ensure sustainability and increased visibility of organizations.”

In addition, organizations will be able to effectively represent their member interests in benefiting from regional integration.

Source: East African Business Week

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