Chamber of Commerce receives funding to improve business environment in Burundi

Bujumbura, 10th February 2015 – Burundi Federal Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CFCIB) today signed a financial agreement to receive funding of US$ 450,470 from TradeMark Africa (TMA). The funding will be used to implement a project that will enhance participation of Burundi private sector in formulation and implementation of policies.

At least 200 small enterprises, 500 CFCIB members and over 5000 business people will benefit from training in business skills and business advocacy through capacity building as a result.

The project “Enhancing Private Sector Capacity to Influence Trade Policy Formulation and Implementation,” will result in the improvement of the Burundi business regulatory environment. The Chamber will complement the funding by contributing in kind in form of work space and equipment, human resources and policy networks.

CFCIB will also focus on increasing awareness of tax and cross-border trade processes and have 3 new supportive policies in tax, Common External Tariffs and cross-border trade facilitation adopted and implemented. This project will be implemented for 17 months with completion expected in May 2016.

During the signing ceremony, the president of CFCIB, Mr Econie Nijimbere said;

“The Burundian private sector, through the Federal Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Burundi, is honoured to receive funding from TradeMark Africa to effectively contribute to the formulation and the implementation of trade policies and to underline the excellent cooperation that has always prevailed between the Chamber and the TradeMark Africa in general and its Burundi country team especially for trade promotion at national, regional and international level.”

TMA Burundi Country Director, Mrs. Anthe Vrijlandt said;

“The CFCIB has a major role in advocating for the improvement of the business environment in Burundi and the promotion of Burundi as a hub of trade between Central Africa, South Africa and East Africa.”

Under previous projects supported by TMA, the Chamber succeeded in having 3 business policies reformed taking into account Private Sector interests and a dialogue platform between CFCIB and OBR which enhanced the negotiation and dialogue capacities of the chambers with OBR.

Source: TradeMark Africa


TradeMark Africa (TMA) is an aid-for-trade organisation that was established with the aim of growing prosperity in East Africa through increased trade. TradeMark Africa (TMA) operates on a not-for-profit basis and is funded by the development agencies of the following countries: Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, UK, and USA. TradeMark Africa (TMA) works closely with East African Community (EAC) institutions, national governments, the private sector and civil society organisations.