Nairobi – July 14, 2011
Today, the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA), represented by the Chief Executive, Ms. Carol Kariuki, has signed a Grant Agreement with Jason Kap-Kirwok, the Country Director TradeMark Africa ( TMA ) Kenya Country Programme.

Kenya Private Sector Alliance is excited about this partnership with TradeMark Africa which is expected to improve trade logistics and the investment climate in Kenya. TradeMark will be a key partner as we continue to provide leadership in driving the EAC integration process on behalf of our members”. said Carol Kariuki.

The private sector is the engine of economic growth and contributes about 70% to the GDP of Kenya. KEPSA has developed a structured system of engagement between the various Government of Kenya agencies and Private Sector Organisations (PSOs) not only to solve specific business climate problems, but also to address policy bottlenecks. During the 8th PMRT meeting held in March 2011, both the Government and the Private Sector passed a resolution to improve Kenyan trade logistics and the investment climate for effective and efficient participation of Kenyan’s private sector in East African Regional Integration.
Numerous problems, barriers and impediments were identified as the biggest Non-Tariff Barriers (NTBs) to smooth and efficient trade not only within Kenya, but in the larger East African market. KEPSA was mandated to act as a facilitator of the process to address these impediments, while ensuring full consultation and inputs from all the relevant Government Ministries, MDAs and Private Sector players.

Through TradeMark Africa (TMA) financial support, Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) will provide leadership in the development of the National Investment Master Plan (NIMP). A supportive communication strategy will also be developed to ensure that the public is sufficiently informed. KEPSA will also engage stakeholders in addressing bottlenecks at the port of Mombasa and the persistent delays at weighbridges. To provide leadership in driving the EAC integration process on behalf of its members, KEPSA will identify bottlenecks Kenyan businesses encounter in regional trade activities. This work will be coordinated with Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) to ensure synergy.

Kenya Private Sector Alliance


KEPSA brings value into the Kenyan private sector since as its apex body, it has the capability of rallying the private sector to speak in a single voice on issues affecting the business climate in the country. KEPSA realizes that the private sector is the engine of economic growth and development. It also amplifies advocacy issues of its Business Membership Organizations (BMOs) members when there is a need , thus strengthening the voice of the respective BMO on the particular issue.

The private sector has a certain comparative advantage in implementing projects and programmes that lead to the development of the private sector specifically and national development in general. KEPSA works with developments partners, government and other stakeholders to achieve its goals. KEPSA’s voice is not only heard locally but regionally too and we are making our mark internationally as well, as we develop partnerships with likeminded organizations. At the Secretariat, our areas of focus are impact, sustainability and publicity to achieve the objectives of the private sector.

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Source: TradeMark Africa (TMA)


TradeMark Africa (TMA) is an aid-for-trade organisation that was established with the aim of growing prosperity in East Africa through increased trade. TradeMark Africa (TMA) operates on a not-for-profit basis and is funded by the development agencies of the following countries: Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, UK, and USA. TradeMark Africa (TMA) works closely with East African Community (EAC) institutions, national governments, the private sector and civil society organisations.