Rwanda Standards Board launches online portal to ease business transactions

Kigali, March 2015: Rwanda Standards Board (RSB) launched an online system that automates its internal and external services in late March. The system, which was developed over a period of 3 years, was funded by TradeMark Africa and is set to increase efficiency of the board by reducing the time taken to process applications for certifications. The portal is made up of an internal Management Information System for internal processes and an external system (the ePortal) that importers and exporters will interact with.
Speaking at the launch, Lambert Ntagwabira from the Ministry of Youth and ICT said;

With the automated system, importers and exports will be able to enjoy todays tried and true technologies that will enable RSB deliver its services efficiently. The portal is a powerful tool that will help RSB transition into a world class service provider. While there’s still a lot of standardization work ahead; network efficiency, service delivery, customer service, and customer control will all be maximized with the new portal.”

Giving his remarks, Hannington Namara, TMA Rwanda Country Director said;

The benefits of automated system range from increased efficiency through reduction in time and cost, convenience derived from the fact that one can access services from whichever their location, improved accountability to customers and transparency. Indeed, this is what technology enables us to do today. In this regard, the launch of this ePortal today clearly indicates that the Rwanda Standards Board is committed to constantly refining and transforming themselves to improve service delivery.”

Some of the gains from the portal include improved operational efficiency, easier access to information and services for the business community and the general public. Some of the online services both importers and exporters will access include: application for certification marks, feedback and complaints handling, the standards catalogue, quality testing. Certain impacts like increased efficiency due to reduction in time and cost in obtaining services, access to important information, increased transparency and reduced paper handling which will reduce corruption are expected. Mr. Namara added, “This ePortal will ensure that bottlenecks that the Board has been experiencing in processing transactions are a thing of the past. It will initially lead to freeing limited resources that can be realigned and enhanced for the critical functions of market access.”

The portal is one of the many initiative TMA and RSB are implementing jointly. The partnership also has initiatives that include capacity building of both RSB staff and traders. This will achieve an all-round efficiency in inspection and quality assurance of goods coming into and leaving Rwanda for the international market. This is bound to increase competitiveness of Rwandan markets.

Source: TradeMark Africa


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