TMA Partners with KENTRADE to improve trade facilitation in Kenya

The partnership will improve and ease trade across East Africa thus contributing to the growth on the Kenyan economy
Nairobi, 24 September 2015- TradeMark Africa has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the State Corporation, Kenya Trade Network Agency (KENTRADE) in the implementation of key areas of mutual strategic interest around the trade facilitation agenda in Kenya.

From left- KENTRADE CEO, Amos Wangora; KENTRADE Chairman, Gen. Joseph Kibwana; TMA Kenya Country Director, Dr. Chris Kiptoo, TMA ICT Director, Alban Odhiambo
From left- KENTRADE CEO, Amos Wangora; KENTRADE Chairman, Gen. Joseph Kibwana; TMA Kenya Country Director, Dr. Chris Kiptoo, TMA ICT Director, Alban Odhiambo

The partnership will see the two organisations collaborate in setting up an online trade Information services platform that will be able to map out trade networks and work flows as well as standardization and harmonization of trade networks and processes of participating agencies in the single window environment across East Africa
Speaking during the signing, Dr. Chris Kiptoo, TMA Kenya Country Director said that the new partnership will be a great milestone in trade facilitation in the Single Window environment. “This partnership will allow us to aptly identify and prioritize agencies and organizations that can be supported on the Single Window environment and establish a joint selection criteria for system integration to facilitate a smooth transition in trade in the country.”
TMA has been providing financial and technical assistance to conduct various single window projects across East Africa. They have empowered various public agencies across the EAC in developing electronic single window systems which have enabled cross-border traders to access, apply for and submit regulatory documents at a single location on the internet.
The partnerships will minimize time taken to complete standard import and export processes across the borders, increase user- compliance with trade procedures, and decrease the time it takes to complete documentation in turn leading to improved trading activities across East Africa and strengthening the Kenyan economy.
KENTRADE Acting Chief Executive Officer, Amos Wangora, said that “the partnership signifies an important achievement as it will allow all key stakeholders involved in trade to set up an institutional framework that will provide political and operational support in reforming the trade networks and processes in Kenya. This partnership will ensure that the single window system, will facilitate trade by expediting and simplifying information flows between traders and government institutions in such a way that information and administrative requirements for imports and exports only needs to be submitted once at a single entry point.”
KENTRADE will steer the identification and development of the suitable ICT infrastructure required to support the management of ministries, departments and agencies and the single window environment. The Kenya Revenue Authority, Kenya Ports Authority, Kenya Bureau of Standards, Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Services, Kenya Maritime Authority among others, are some of the agencies that will benefit from the new partnership.
Source: TradeMark Africa (TMA)


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