Guided By International
Best Practice.

A significant proportion of TradeMark Africa (TMA) expenditure is expended through the purchase of goods, services and works. Therefore, our procurement is guided by international best practice with the principal objectives of achieving value for money and ensuring transparent, fair and open competition.

By doing this successfully, we will achieve TradeMark Africa (TMA)’s developmental objectives and stimulate economic development across East Africa. TradeMark Africa (TMA)’s funds are untied, which means that we will work with suppliers across the globe, whose bids for each tender are the most competitive.

online portal

Contracts Management
System Introductory

The online portal is meant to provide a platform for suppliers and consultants to register as vendors. This is a first-rate launch-pad to introduce your goods and services to TradeMark Africa (TMA) in all the East African Countries. The portal also acts as a critical procurement tool in shortlisting of suppliers in competitive bidding

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Markers hotels

TMA markers hotels
2021 rates.

This document is a guide on TradeMark Africa (TMA) Markers hotels and furnished apartments within East Africa for the year 2021 with their standard rates.

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