Environmental and Social Safeguards

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TMA’s mission is to help generate increased trade in Eastern Africa by promoting rapid advances in the trade competitiveness of the region. In pursuit of this goal, TMA recognises the need to do this in a sustainable and inclusive manner. TMA aims to ensure that environmental and social considerations are embedded in the implementation of its programmes. This is to ensure that neither the environment nor communities are affected or harmed by our programmes. In addition, the inclusion of vulnerable groups such as women, people with disability and the economically impoverished is a critical component of TMA’s work.

To this end, TMA has adopted 10 Environment and Social Standards (ESSs) that will enable effective safeguarding processes. The standards are comprehensive and seek to address critical issues that may occur as a result of development interventions. The first standard focuses on the detailed assessment of environmental, climate change and social risks and impacts as early as possible during the commencement of a programme life cycle.

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