246 Clearing Freight Forwarders in Kigali attain East Africa Customs and Freight Forwarding Practising Certificate (EACFFFPC)

09th Sept. Kigali: Two hundred and forty-six (246) Clearing and freight forwarding professionals have today attained the East Africa Customs and Freight Forwarding Practising Certificate in a colourful graduation ceremony held in Kigali Rwanda.

The professional course, offered under the apex freight body, Federation of East African Freight Forwarders Association (FEAFFA) in collaboration with East African Revenue Authorities and the EAC Directorate of Customs and with financial support from TradeMark Africa, aims at cutting down transport and logistics costs as well as cargo-time along key trade corridors, which constitute a significant part of trade costs in the region. Equipping freight logistics industry professionals with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes enable them to clear cargo more efficiently and effectively.

In Rwanda, the course is managed in a partnership with the Rwanda Revenue Authority and the Rwanda Freight Forwarders Association under supervision of the National Curriculum Implementation Committee (NCIC). EACFFPC was adopted as an East African Community course as an intervention under our private sector logistics programme implemented by the Federation of East African Freight Forwarders Associations (FEAFFA).

Speaking during the graduation ceremony the Chief Guest, Rwanda Revenue Authority Commissioner of Custom Services Felicien Mwumvaneza hailed the course as a great trade enabler for the region as well as enhancing prospects for professionals in the industry.  “The certification opens doors for advancement in multiple sectors, including RRA functions, private sector within Rwanda and the region. I believe you will take advantage of these opportunities” said Mwumvaneza.

Congratulating the graduating cohort, TradeMark Africa Rwanda Programme Manager, David Butera, lauded the growing capacity of clearing and freight forwarding professionals in the country as key to enhancing movement of both raw materials and finished goods “As a land-linked country, efficient movement of cargo along regional corridors is of great importance to Rwanda’s economy. The certification programme improves professionalism in the sector, thereby enhancing access and competitiveness of Rwandan goods. This important programme fits well within TMA mandate of growing prosperity in the region through trade” said Butera

To date FEAFFA has over 7,000 graduates of this programme including approximately 1,200 from Rwanda. The apex professional body believes by technically equipping clearing agents, it will cause a ripple effect on excellence in service delivery, trade facilitation and maximization of tax revenue for national development.

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